Focus on Film: Durango Film Festival

We are a proud sponsor of the 2020 Durango Film Festival!

“We bring a community together with independent filmmakers for the unique opportunity to experience and discuss global, innovative, and diverse films.”

This year’s films include “Above the Clouds” by Leon Chambers, “The Weight of Water” by Michael C. Brown, “Dark Harbor” by Cory Pyke, “Bullied” by Thomas Keith, “Lost Bayou” by Murray Roth, “Lupe” by Kerry Michelle, “Wings” by Brian de Herrera-Schnering, “Par for the Course” by Kody Kohlman and Lilah Strauss, “The Ridge of Dreams” by Ben Sturgulewski, and “Effigy – Poison and the City” by Udo Flohr.

See the link for a full schedule:

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.”
― Director, Robert Altman